Are you up for it? Let’s do the Jerusalema challenge!

We may not be able to enjoy our activities on our horses at the moment due to the current Covid-19 restrictions but why not challenge yourselves to do the Jerusalema craze that’s gone viral in recent weeks.

The evenings are getting longer, hopefully, the numbers will continue to fall and the vaccine rollout has a significant impact so we can all get back to doing what we love.

We’re asking all of our clubs to get involved in some way and record a video so we can compile a best of video at the end of next month.  It’ll give us all something to focus our minds in a positive way!

Send us your videos before 23rd March so we can include them and don’t forget to get creative while adhering to the Covid-19 protocols!

Hat tip to Kay in Cork who brought this to our attention in November and to Olivia in Dublin who was in touch recently too.

To help you along the way, here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

Here’s some videos from around Ireland for inspiration:

Here’s the original music video:

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