Clubs can avail of online system for membership and events payments

Clubs can avail of an online system for taking payments electronically for memberships fees, entry fees, club gear, training clinics, lessons, social outings, etc.

The fees involved are very competitive and there are a number of options available to you, one which will mean no cost to your club, if you choose, as any fees incurred are paid for by the person submitting the payment, making this option ideal for small clubs.

If your club signs up to use this service, it will be partially integrated with our membership online system, whereby links will be provided on our website,, for any event listing where your club or region is accepting online entries.

There will also be links allowing people to renew or sign up and pay for membership to your club. This will give people easier access to make the payment online through our website.

Almost 30 clubs currently use the service for taking membership and entry fees online at little or no cost to the club involved.

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