Our Regions

Regional Officers

Correspondence for any regional officer should be channelled through your regional secretary.
Region / OfficerForenameSurnameContact NumberEmail
Chairman:Ann Bloomer
Secretary:Grainne Healy086 8374179midlandsregion@airc.ie
Treasurer:Janet Cooke
Grading Officer:Linda O'Reilly
Public Relations:Eileen Doran
North East
Chairman:Kevin Mc Guinness
Secretary:Lindsey Ilona Brady087 2285109northeastregion@airc.ie
Treasurer:Jane Averill
Grading Officer:Kevin Mc Guinness
Public Relations:
South East
Chairman:Sharon O' Connor
Secretary:Helen O'Byrne086 8128959southeastregion@airc.ie
Treasurer:Helen O'Byrne
Grading Officer:Sarah Jane Doyle
Public Relations:Lisa Rothwell
South Leinster
Chairman:Peter Roberts
Secretary:Hilary Mac Hugh086 8239515southleinsterregion@airc.ie
Treasurer:David Byrne
Grading Officer:Jane Power
Public Relations:
South West
Chairman:Jane Morgan
Secretary:Marie Sheehansouthwestregion@airc.ie
Treasurer:Fiona Leahy
Grading Officer:Maire Smiddy
Public Relations:Maria Blomen
Chairman:Finola Murphy
Secretary:Patricia Warrenwestregion@airc.ie
Treasurer:Paul Hughes
Grading Officer:Thomas Daniels
Public Relations:Serena Finnerty
West Leinster
Chairman:Fiona Furey
Secretary:Amouska Rickard086 3663824westleinsterregion@airc.ie
Treasurer:Helen Alexander
Grading Officer:Julieann Gaffney
Public Relations:Elspeth Ohle
West Midlands
Chairman:Tony Ennis
Secretary:Doreen Egan086 8164205westmidlandsregion@airc.ie
Treasurer:Doreen Egan
Grading Officer:Tony Ennis
Public Relations:Meabh Keating

Support Documents

A number of support documents outlining the role of the region and its officers are available here:

The Region (D40/12)

108.69 KB 53 downloads

Officers in the Region (D43/12)

119.38 KB 53 downloads

Regional Administrative Grant

The regional administrative grant is available to each of the eight regional committees of the Association of Irish Riding Clubs.

The support programme was introduced in 2008 to assist regions with their administrative costs.

Regional Training Bursary

The regional training bursary was introduced in 2004, under the chairmanship of Tony Ennis, to encourage regions to hold training events in their area for the benefit of members of the Association.

Regional Training Bursary (D42/12)

105.80 KB 98 downloads