Commercial photographers & traders to be restricted at AIRC national events

Only official photographers and traders, with full prior permission, shall be permitted at national events of the Association of Irish Riding Clubs. 

Official photographers/traders shall be in possession of valid public liability insurance, a copy of which must be given to the event organiser in addition to any other information requested.

Any unofficial photographer or trader who has not been given permission to attend the event shall be asked to cease their activity immediately and leave the premises. Unofficial photographs of the event used for commercial gain shall not be published.

If they are available on any website or social media pages, the publisher shall be asked to remove them immediately.

If the unofficial photographer/trader is a member of the Association, they may be prevented from entering AIRC national events, and/or have their membership suspended or revoked. It will be a matter for the Board to decide the outcome.

AIRC national events are run on private property and therefore the landowner and event organiser can impose these restrictions on all persons entering the event.

This rule does not affect, those taking photographs on behalf of fellow members on a non-commercial basis (i.e. albums of unofficial photos for sale for commercial gain).

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