Sport Ireland’s eLearning course for Covid-19 Compliance Officers

Clubs and activity organisers are reminded that your Covid-19 Compliance Officer must have received training for their role as per our Covid-19 protocols.

Any acting as a Covid-19 Compliance Officer at an activity must also have received training for their role and Sport Ireland’s eLearning course provides this.  They must complete both sections of the online course and they’ll receive two certificates of completion, one for each section.  The two sections are:

  • Section A– General information to support administrators, volunteers, coaches, parents and participants to return to sport in a safe & practical manner.
  • Section B– Specific information relating to a Covid-19 officer role.

Click here for Sport Ireland’s Covid-19 Compliance Officer eLearning course

If your Covid-19 Compliance Officer has completed a training course already, they do not need to complete another course.

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