Our Clubs

Club Club Email County Region Details
Winterdown [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Abbeylands [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Annaharvey [email protected] Co. Offaly Midlands
Anvil [email protected] Co. Tipperary West Midlands
Ard Lu [email protected] Co. Armagh North East
Arderin [email protected] Co. Laois West Midlands
Ashbrook [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Ashwood [email protected] Co. Wexford South East
Ballinasloe [email protected] Co. Galway West
Ballycanew [email protected] Co. Wexford South East
Ballyteague [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Barrow Valley [email protected] Co. Carlow South East
Bel-Air [email protected] Co. Wicklow South Leinster
Benbulben [email protected] Co. Sligo West
Border Counties [email protected] Co. Monaghan North East
Boru’s [email protected] Co. Clare West Midlands
Boyneside [email protected] Co. Louth North East
Brooke Lodge [email protected] Co. Dublin South Leinster
Broomfield [email protected] Co. Wicklow South East
Calliaghstown [email protected] Co. Dublin West Leinster
Carne [email protected] Co. Wexford South East
Castle Carraig [email protected] Co. Clare West
Castle Hill [email protected] Co. Meath North East
Castle Leslie [email protected] Co. Monaghan North East
Castledermot [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Cheval [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Cill Dara [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Clonlara [email protected] Co. Clare West Midlands
Clonmel [email protected] Co. Tipperary South East
Clonough [email protected] Co. Wexford South Leinster
Clonshire [email protected] Co. Limerick West Midlands
Coolbell [email protected] Co. Waterford South East
Coole Lane [email protected] Co. Carlow South East
Copperfield [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Corrib [email protected] Co. Galway West
Dalysgrove [email protected] Co. Galway West
Devils Bit [email protected] Co. Tipperary West Midlands
Donegal Gaeltacht [email protected] Co. Donegal West
Drumcoura [email protected] Co. Leitrim Midlands
Drynam [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Dunamase [email protected] Co. Laois West Midlands
Dunbyrne [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Earl’s Well [email protected] Co. Cork South West
Enniskerry [email protected] Co. Wicklow South Leinster
Fingal [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Foxborough [email protected] Co. Wicklow South Leinster
Friary [email protected] Co. Tipperary West Midlands
Galway [email protected] Co. Galway West
Gap of the North [email protected] Co. Armagh North East
Glengarriff [email protected] Co. Cork South West
Greenhills [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Greenvalley [email protected] Co. Wicklow South Leinster
Highland Lodge [email protected] Co. Cork South West
Hollybrook [email protected] Co. Wicklow South Leinster
Horetown [email protected] Co. Wexford South East
Inishowen [email protected] Co. Donegal West
Kerry [email protected] Co. Kerry South West
Killcarrick [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Killeek [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Killegar [email protected] Co. Wicklow South Leinster
Killossery [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Kilotteran [email protected] Co. Waterford South East
Kilrainy [email protected] Co. Kildare Midlands
Kilronan [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Knocknamana Country [email protected] Co. Cork South West
Lakelands [email protected] Co. Cavan Midlands
Lee Valley [email protected] Co. Cork South West
Leitrim [email protected] Co. Leitrim Midlands
Letterkenny [email protected] Co. Donegal West
Lismore [email protected] Co. Waterford South West
Long Acre [email protected] Co. Wicklow South Leinster
Meath [email protected] Co. Meath Midlands
Milestone Lodge [email protected] Co. Meath North East
Mill Road [email protected] Co. Tipperary West Midlands
Mo Chara [email protected] Co. Kildare Midlands
Mosstown [email protected] Co. Longford Midlands
Moyglare [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Mullaghmore [email protected] Co. Monaghan North East
Mullingar [email protected] Co. Westmeath Midlands
Newpark [email protected] Co. Tipperary West Midlands
North Cork [email protected] Co. Cork South West
Nuenna Farm [email protected] Co. Kilkenny South East
Rathangan [email protected] Co. Kildare West Leinster
Rathfarnham [email protected] Co. Dublin West Leinster
Riverside [email protected] Co. Laois West Leinster
Ross House [email protected] Co. Cavan Midlands
Round Tower [email protected] Co. Mayo West
Russellstown [email protected] Co. Carlow South East
Slieve Bloom [email protected] Co. Offaly West Midlands
South Roscommon [email protected] Co. Roscommon West
South West [email protected] Co. Cork South West
Springmount [email protected] Co. Galway West
Spruce Lodge [email protected] Co. Dublin South Leinster
Tara Hill [email protected] Co. Meath Midlands
Thomastown and District [email protected] Co. Kilkenny South East
Thornton [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Three Counties [email protected] Co. Tipperary West Midlands
Three Rocks [email protected] Co. Wexford South East
Tinahely [email protected] Co. Wicklow South East
Tir Conaill [email protected] Co. Donegal West
Tonabrockey [email protected] Co. Galway West
Treegrove [email protected] Co. Kilkenny South East
Twinfort [email protected] Co. Limerick West Midlands
Tynagh [email protected] Co. Galway West
Unicorn [email protected] Co. Tipperary West Midlands
Warrington [email protected] Co. Kilkenny South East
Waterford [email protected] Co. Waterford South East
West Coast [email protected] Co. Mayo West
West Cork [email protected] Co. Cork South West
Stracomer [email protected] Co. Donegal West
Choltrai [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Deerpark [email protected] Co. Clare West Midlands
Rock of Cashel [email protected] Co. Tipperary West Midlands
Carrickmines [email protected] Co. Dublin South Leinster
The Rower [email protected] Co. Kilkenny South East
Burren [email protected] Co. Clare West
Barnacarroll [email protected] Co. Mayo West
Headfort [email protected] Co. Meath Midlands
Chenet [email protected] Co. Dublin South Leinster
Howth [email protected] Co. Dublin North East
Macetown [email protected] Co. Meath North East
Brittas [email protected] Co. Dublin West Leinster
Galway West [email protected] Co. Galway West
Westport [email protected] Co. Mayo West